Tommy cowley

Thomas "Tommy" Patrick Cowley was a member of The Firm for a brief period of time. He was a small redheaded man, who had a number of convictions for burglary and keeping illegal gaming houses, and had a certain amount of nous when it came to the workings of business.

Cowley was a regular patron of Winston’s nightclub in Clifford Street, Mayfair, and knew many of its hostesses. He was responsible for involving Lisa Prescott in the Frank Mitchell affair. Cowley was brought in to see if he could recommend one of the young ladies for the job of being Mitchell’s ‘companion’. Cowley knew just the woman, an attractive, “plumpish” blonde from the North of England named Patricia Watson. Until now, this key player in the Mitchell affair has been known as Lisa Prescott, and she was known to all involved as ‘Lisa’ or ‘Liza’. Her flatmate knew her as Lisa Polowski.

Tommy cowley2

Ronnie Kray and Tommy Cowley.